Link's and Contacts

Of course this blog doesn't always have everything you need. However, I can provide you with links to other blog's and other nifty gaming websites.

If you are a dutch gamer this is a website you shouldn't miss. 6hitcombo provides you previews and other gaming news. They don't have many reviews yet but for if you want gaming news this is the place. Also, if you host an event and are looking for people to organise a gameroom. Contact these professionals ;)

Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but if there is anything you need when you can't get by sometimes or if that boss fight is way to hard... GAMEFAQS. I visited this website ever since I had internet and so far I got all gaming info I needed from here. If you can't find it in one of the many faq's / walktrough you can also post your question on the board to get a helpfull reaction.
If you live in Europe, like me, you know that most games get her last and that the prices are moderately high in stores. I give you If you have a creditcard you can get lots of games here for a reasonable price. I don't even have to pay shipping! How awesome is that. If the price is still too high and you decide the buy it 2nd hand. also gives you an insurance that you get what you buy.

So you liked a particular soundtrack in your favourite game? You think it might become even better? Look no further. Overclocked Remix has the biggest selection of game remixes on the world. There is a huge chance your favourite soundtrack has been remixed here. Perhaps you think you can make a better remix. If so, also go here and submit! Everything here is free to listen to.