Thursday, November 10, 2011

Have a seat

Hi there... yes... YOU. Hello, have a seat. Why you say? Well, because you probably came here for a reason. Am I right? Well sit down then, and relax.
You are probably here because you want to know a bit about computer games. Then you are in the right chair. On this blog I am going to share all my gamer experience by reviewing things, giving some tips or tricks and give you some background information about certain characters from your and my favorite games.
Now, I am not planning to be biased of course but I do have a favorite genre of game, mainly RPG but of course   I will blog about other sorts of games too. Same goes for characters, I do have my favorites but again writing reviews about the main prota/anta-gonist all the time is boring too. Those support characters deserve a chance in the spotlight too ( Now you know how Luigi feels). Last but not least. I played LOTS of games so there is a chance that I might know a trick or 2 that you do not know about. If you like my tips and tricks post, leave a comment asking for a tip about any of your favorite games.
That goes for practically everything. If you want a review about a game you, the reader, played. Contact me by all means. The next post might actually be about YOUR favorite!
With this, I close the opening. And hope that you can relax during the following posts.

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