Monday, November 28, 2011

Summoner against Sin, Yuna

Name: Yuna
Game: Final Fantasy X (-2)
First Appeared: Final Fantasy X
Alignment: Devoted
Powers: Summoning, Dress sphere
Age: 17 (in FFX), 19 (in FFX-2)

THE Protagonist from FF X, some would say. Although you mainly play as Tidus in this game, summoner Yuna has a big impact on the story. She is, after all, the one to defeat Sin and save Spira! She is very devoted to her summoner role and is willing to sacrifice everything for her world. You could even call her naive at some times.
Yuna is first seen in FF X when you arrive in Besaid. Here she soon gets her first summon called Valefor.

Throughout the game Yuna is mainly used as a healer. She starts in that part of the sphere grid. Here she learns spells such as cure, dispel, esuna and holy. After this it is recommended to send her down the other mage path and let her learn other spells such Fira, Blizzard, Thundaga and Flare.
For her to utilize these spells she carries a staff with her. She can equip all kinds of staves, mostly equipped with magic boosting capabilities. Her Ultimate weapon is called Nirvana, which puts her into overdrive faster and make all her magic abilities cost only 1 MP!
Yuna's overdrive in this game is called Grand Summon. As a summoner Yuna can summon magical creatures, each one having their own overdrive gauge as well. Grand Summon lets a summon start with a full gauge, releasing a devasting attack on enemies.
Besides being a good addition to your party with her abilities. Yuna is also capable of sending the dead to the realm of the farplane, where they belong.

After the events of FF X, Yuna becomes a sphere hunter. She wears different clothing and is no longer a summoner. Instead, she can take on all kinds of roles with the use of a dress sphere. She starts out as a gunner. Over the course of the game she gains all sorts of dress sphere, changing from a white mage (again) to even a berserker! Her ultimate dress sphere is Floral Fallal. The other 2 party members are replaced by a huge flower that engulfs her. Once the flower opens Yuna is dressed in white and her hair also turned white. This mode is a spellcaster mode, being able to inflict status ailments, heal, and cast offensive magic.
Yuna's secret dressphere, the mascot, is a Moogle. It carries 3 dresspheres in 1 mode. She can use all here warrior and darkknight abilities in mascot mode. She can also use several moogle attack, mostly curing and buffing the party. The mascot dress sphere also has the Ribbon ability. It costs a whopping 999 AP though, so save up!.

Although Yuna can be described as naive sometimes, she always wants to learn and search for the ultimate solution. Rather sacrificing none in the process. She is quite emotional which may increase her will to fight drastically, or take away her will due to grief or something similar.

Fun Facts! Yuna...
... has Heterochromia. It means that her eyes have different colours.Her left eye is Blue, her right eye is     green.
... is half Al-bhed. To much dismay of Wakka once he finds out.
... and Tidus were the game couple of the year 2009. This is futher empowered by their names. Yuna         means Moon whereas Tidus means Sun in Okinawan
... grows a HUGE ponytail in 2 years. Which is not humanly possible.
... can hold her breath just long enough to play a blitzball match of 5 minutes
... has 8 summon in total.
... almost married to that bastard called Seymour!

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