Monday, December 19, 2011

Centurion of Darkness... Tenebie errm TENEBRAE!

Name:  Tenebrae OR Tenebie, Braebrae, Mr doggie, Tennie, Tenebonehead.
Game: Tales of Symphonia, Dawn of the new world
Alignment: Spitefull, although he calls himself Conservative. Also very loyal
Powers: Summoning dark monsters, floating, whispering useless information in your sleep
Age: 10000+ ( it is over 9000!)

My girlfriend Cynni requested this character for review, and I cannot agree with her more. I played a couple of "Tales of" games but this character is by far my favourite. His quotes are hilarious but he still is quite a serious character. Tenebrae makes you laugh and if he doesn't someone else talking about him will make you laugh.

Tenebrae is Latin for shadow or darkness, and that is exactly what he is. Tenebrae is one of the centurion, a keeper/guardian/companion for Ratatosk. Each of the Centurion have their own element and that of Tennie is the one of Darkness. He first appeared when Emil, the main character, goes into a cavern with Richter. He explains the story of Ratatosk to Emil and gives him the powers of a Knight of Ratatosk. Tenebrae keeps accompanying Emil in his journey to find all the Centurions and awaken Ratatosk. 

Although he is a centurion he has no active use in battle. However, he can summon dark aligned monsters to fight for him. Usually he does this with a Knight of Ratatosk to fight together. Tenebrae futhermore has the abilty to float. Although he is quite light, he is able to lift even heavy things like a huge monster without much effort. Martha once rode him all the way from Palmacosta to Luin. Although he doesn't want to be seen as an animal it apparantly was no effort for him. He also has a hand on the end of his tail to lift everything.
Tenebrae is also able to transform into anything he wants. Yet over the course of the game he only
transforms into a fishing rod and a beautifull woman (who looks like a summon spirit).
It might not be a power, but due to his extreme age he knows a LOT. He spent most of his time in the Ginnungagap but he is still aware of the world. He knows every little detail and likes to brag about it. One of his hobbies (or power as he says himself) is whispering useless information to people in their sleep. They recall these facts later and are quite annoyed by the amount of useless info that now occupies their brain.

Although Tenebrae is serious most of the time, he can be quite sarcastic and he likes to make fun of people. He sees himself as a superior being most of the time and tries to outsmart people with his wits. When more people enter the party he tends to lose these battles though. Intellegence can't hit a rock either so non intellegent partymembers like Collete also seem win this. Mostly because she keeps giving him cute names which he kinda hates since he is a proud centurion. Nicknames given by other centurion such as Tenebonehead don't seem to bother him though.

Usually I finish a post with some fun facts of a character. Most of his fun factor come from his quotes though so instead I give you this!

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