Monday, December 12, 2011

Interpol's Kick Ass, Chun Li

Name: Chun-Li
Game: Streetfighter
First Appeared: Street Fighter II
Alignment: Cheerful, Dedicated 
Powers: Kicks
Age: Currently 41! But she started out younger.

After someone BEGGED me to do this character I decided to write a review of her. Ok begging might not be the right word. Anyways, this is the first time I will review a character that I NEVER played with. 
Nope never... no I didn't play street fighter.... YES I SUCK at fighting games.... AHERM

Chun-Li first appears in Street Fighter II... not the turbo or revival one (or one of the others), but the original. She was the first female character in a fighting game and due to that she has earned a lot of recognition in the gaming industry. In several polls over the years about famous gaming characters she has earned a high spot although her looks might play a role in that.

Chun-Li is a cop from Interpol investigating the case of M.Bison. It is a personal case for her since Bison killed her dad in a street fighter tournament. When she confronts him with it she gets beaten by Bison. After that she swears to take down the organization of Bison.
Over the course of the games she teams up with several other Street Fighter characters to take down crime. She mostly works together with some sort of organization such as the US army. Thus, she mainly works together with characters such as Guile or Cammy.

Although Chun-Li doesn't carry some special kind of power she is an adept fighter. She might not be the strongest, but Chun-Li is definitely one of the fastest. Her agility and fast attacks eventually add up to a huge amount of damage over time.
Her forte are her legs. She has real muscular legs which she uses to deliver lightning fast kicks. This signature move is called Hyakuretsu Kyaku or Lightning Kick.
Other moves she uses are her Spinning Bird kick or Housenka. With Spinning Bird kick she stands on her hands and spin a couple of times kicking the enemy in the process. Her Housenka is a combination of lighting fast kicks and an upward kick which she follows up with a spinning upward kick.

Chun-Li has made multiple appearances besides the Street Fighter games. She also appears in the Marvel VS Capcom games. Futhermore she is seen in Megaman IX as a reporter. She also appeared in the Street Fighter movies, the 2nd one focusing on Chun-Li herself. Last but not least, the Street Fighter series also have a manga/comic/anime about the story. Of course she appears there also.

Fun Facts! Chun-Li...
... Power lies in her legs. In order for her arms to make up for it she wears spiky armbands to deliver
... Lightning Kick move have made multiple cameos such as in the Dead Fantasy series.
... was cosplayed by a chinese girl in American Dad.
... has a quote: Leave me alone, I am a fighter, not a news reporter. However, in the movie and in the
    Megaman IX Cameo she is portrayed as a  news reporter.
... has multiple surnames, Old files say it is Chung but the live action movie says it is Zang.
... was cosplayed by Jackie Chan in de movie City Hunter

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