Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Question of the week. Holidays gave me?

Holidays are sadly over. And thus I start writing again ^_^. I hope you had a nice Christmas celebrated the new year with lots of friends. 
To start the year with ease I am not going to ask you some silly philosophical question about games. In stead of that I am going to ask you, reader,
What games or game related stuff did you get for the Holidays?
No I did not get portal 2 for xmas. What I did get was this from The Geekshow:

My work gave me a useless Christmas package, like they almost always do. However, they also gave me some coupons which I can use at the Gamemania.  My friend Fhant also gave me a coupon for the Gamemania.  Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes out next month and guess what I am going to get. Thanx you all.
Lemme know what you guys got for the Holidays!

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