Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Question of the week. Next Gen Gaming

You might have noticed that there was no character review last Monday. Due to circumstances I was way too tired to even cook or anything so that character has to wait till next wait. In the meantime I come with a new question for you guys.

Game companies look for new ways to make money every day, and to do that, you have to innovate. Come with something new. A good example of this is the Wii. While Microsoft and Sony came with a better console graphics wise, Nintendo came with a complete new form of gameplay. Although it doesn't always appeal the usual customers new people are drawn to this, thus giving the company more money to spend on new things.
Now, as a gamer I don't mind experimenting but I think sometimes companies go a bit over the edge.
I am taking Nintendo as an example again. The 3DS to be exact. I know that 3D is shiny and all that but does that really add something to the gaming experience. How about people who are partially blind? They can't play those games. 
How about games on the balance board. Sure, Wii fit is the game for the entire family but isn't your money better spent on new games that don't involve new controllers/gameplay.
Although the above image shows that Sony only copies, I can also blame microsoft with Kinect. After all, Eye Toy was here first right?
To summarize all this. My opinion about all this next gen consoles is quite obivious. Rubbish, I rather have a new game with ingame innovations then a new controller style, but what do you think.
What should the next gen of games include? Back to basics with newer and better games? Or a different style of gameplay?
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  1. I usually think that the nex gen games (3DS, VITA...) are not improvements. I can't stand 3D and playing my games in 3D doesnt make it fun... Though HD games are quite a sight to see.
    Now, what I want to see in next gen games/ consoles: Innovation. Why? What Nintendo does is innovate, think beyond a controller (Wii). Also, I think a stable game doesn't need special stuff like 3D. Just a good story or even gameplay that sucks you in and forces you to play more. And by that I don't mean the MMORPG version of it.

    Here's a question for you then: What do YOU think JRPG (like Final Fantasy) and WRPG (Dragon age/Elder scrolls) will end up?

  2. Pretty funny this post, but people are scared of any changes. That's our nature, but back to innovation. With the current controls there's only a number of possible options how you can use the controls and their mechanics. But can any of you remember the first CD and how Sony used it for the first PS. People didn't like CD in the first place. But innovation is all about new things and changes. So if you really want innovation it's about something new, what you're asking is for something that already exists and that's not innovation. IT and everything around is constantly changing that's innovating and gaming is a part of the IT. Without going with the innovation you're basically stuck in the past. Unless they make a totally new gaming engine or basics that doesn't use the same base as the current engine and/or ideas. Currently there are a lot of new technologies and hardware, compare to the technology and hardware in gaming.

    The Nintendo's Wii is the end product of combining the technology and the hardware. Currently we've made almost every possible combinations for the current controls and Nintendo saw they could make a new type of input method and use it for the controls. I need to agree the 3D is overhyped, but it's the next innovation for presentation. They are busy with developing a fold-able screens probably the next step in the innovation of presentation combined with the 3D technology.

    The question for people that want innovation is: do you want something new? And if you say no, you don't want innovation. If you say yes, embrace the new things like 3DS, Wii, smartphones, etc. I'm not saying you need to buy all the stuff, but simple embrace the ideas because they are the products of innovation.