Friday, June 22, 2012

The Lounge, an update

Heey gaming friends.
As you might have noticed there haven't been any updates in a while. Not that I am the most successful and frequent writer but a couple of weeks without anything or without a notice isn't nice of me isn't it?
Indeed it ain't, but I wasn't gone for good!

The reason why I haven't been posting stuff is because my hand was broken, and thus I was unable to properly type and write. After having my hand in the plaster for about 4 weeks I was finally able to use my hand once more. After a bit of practise I now an fully control my fingers again and typing isn't an issue anymore.

I am glad to inform you that, because of the above, I will make another post soon. While I was unable to type. I could still use my controller somewhat. It actually gave me a new handicap to work with, giving the games a bit more challenge then usually. Although some games weren't playable at all.
To give you a sneak peak at the least, you can expect reviews about The Elder Scrolls; Skyrim, Sonic generations and Metroid Prime 3. Also, I finally was able to come up with enough idea's for a tip's and tricks section for this blog. So if you are into Disgaea you can look out for that as well.

All in all, things are starting up again after my hand has been lounging for a bit too long in my opinion.
I hope to see you again soon, so here we go!

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  1. Also do not forget that you have been replaying a lot of cool games too ;) I am looking forward to seeing you write loads of stuff on the blog ;)