Monday, November 14, 2011

The Flying Fox, Tails

Name: Miles Tails Prower
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog
First appeared: Sonic2
Alignment: Hero
Power: Huge IQ, Tails
Age: 4.5 / 8 years old (4.5 in the comic. 8 In the games)

Sonic, being one of the first games I ever played, still is one of my favorites. As soon as I saw this little fox, I became a fan though. And the only character who beats him in my eyes is Shadow, but I will talk about him later.
He first showed up in sonic 2, for no apparant reason. The comic explained that Sonic and Tails met when he was kicked out of a birds nest. Tails thought he was a bird, due to his ability to fly. Afterwards, Sonic gives Miles Prower his new name, which he prefers.

Tails is manly known for his ability to fly. He does so by spinning his 2 tails rapidly to gain altitude. Flying forward or backwards is harder though. And eventually he grows tired, gliding back downwards. This power can be used to reach areas who are inaccesable to Sonic or any other character. He can also lift characters into the air. To run faster he spins his tails behind him to propel himself forward. At maximum speed he can lift his feet from the ground to glide over the surfaces. He still isn't as fast as Sonic though.
Tails is also know for his IQ. He is very smart, inventing aircraft or other devices at a young age. Perhaps his most famous invention is "The Tornado". A small plane which can shapeshift into many forms, including a mecha which he can ride in. He also made a chaos emerald locator and he was also able to create a fake emerald with almost the EXACT same properties as a normal chaos emerald.

Although most characters in the Sonic series can use the chaos emeralds to turn into a SUPER form, Tails cannot. However, if he uses the power of the super emeralds, he can turn into a super form (Other turn into hyper form). His superform is really special though. Like many other characters he turns invincible, immune to almost all sorts of damage. Unlike any other character, he gains allies. Four Flickies, the birds from the first Sonic games who were imprisoned, join him. They also start to glow and fly around Tails. They attack enemies when they are in eyesight. Tails can win a battle while standing still this way!

Tails, all in all, is a humble person. He does not have lots of self esteem, however, he is brave enough to help his friends when needed. He dreams of being like Sonic, courageous and careless, but later gives up on that position.

Fun facts! Tails...
... or Miles prower, is a pun on Miles per hour.
... was originally Brown.
... unlike Sonic, Is able to swim
... favorite food was chilidogs, just like Sonic, until he discovered Mint Candy.
... has a slight fear of electricity and a greater fear of thunder.
... due to his behavior and voice, is often depicted as a girl

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