Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Question of the Week. Movies into Videogames

A long time ago, games were created for an alternative public. With this I mean that people who enjoyed movies, or going out, are different from the people who enjoy videogames. Nowadays, gaming is for everyone. A good example is the Nintendo Wii, who made games for the entire family.
The gaming industry has become a real moneymaker, and thus, solutions to make even more money are made. So they decided to make games of popular movies, in the hope that if people liked the movie, they would buy the game. The Harry Potter games for instance, sold really well. However, making a game from a movie I already saw takes away the experience. I already know the story, and to make it so that it is still playable a lot of modifications are done on certain aspects. This takes away the will of playing that game for me.
Nowadays, making games from movies or popular cartoons is done a lot. But what do you guys think about making games out of something else. In other words:
Should the game industry stop making games from movies?
Give me your opinion and comment or leave me a message in another way.

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  1. Well, they're making money of it, so they won't stop making them.
    Of course I'm not going to play those games... Most of the time they get rated really, really bad. I just play the games that I like