Monday, November 21, 2011

A Plumbers Dino. Yoshi!

Name: Yoshi
Game: Super Mario
First appeared: Super Mario World
Alignment: Devoted
Power: Strong tongue, Super Digestive powers, Flutter jump
Age: Differs

As a suggestion for this weeks character, I got Yoshi, and I totally agree. This has to be one of the most (if not THE most) beloved characters in the Mario world. With it's cute sounds and friendly appearance everyone remembers Yoshi as a fun character to play with in almost every game he appeared.
He first a appeared in Super Mario World in Dinosaur land. The first time they meet storywise though is during Super Mario World2: Yoshi's Island. In this game Mario and Luigi get kidnapped. Mario falls from his flying kidnapper, right onto a Yoshi's saddle, unharmed. Yoshi learns of what happened and decides to help.

Yoshi's have changed over time and also have different abilities. There seem to be different kind of Yoshi's in different regions too. Yoshi started out as a real dinosaur lookalike. He had a long neck, and small arms. His skin was darker green. This was changed in Yoshi's Island, where he got more human like arms and a smaller neck.  His skin also became more lighter green.
Yoshi's come in different kinds of colours though. In Super Mario World, different coloured Yoshi's had different abilities. A red Yoshi would always fire fireballs when he swallowed something. The yellow one would always create clouds when he touched the ground after a jump. The blue Yoshi had the capability to fly once he swallowed something. A green Yoshi could do all those things by swallowing the shells of the appropriate colour.
Yoshi uses his tongue to swallow enemies. His tongue is very strong and long, being able to pull in enemies from a distance to swallow them. He also has a strong digestive system, being able to swallow almost everything before laying it out as an egg. These egg contain items in some games. In other games Yoshi is able to throw the newly laid eggs.
In the Delfino region Yoshi has other powers. Although Delfino has lots of water, Yoshi cannot swim, and dissipates once he goes too deep. Instead of the ability to fly or spit fireballs, Yoshi can eat fruit and spit it out again. This can have several impacts on enemies, sometimes even transforming them. Yoshi can also eat enemies, but nothing specials happens.

Yoshi in Mario Galaxy also likes fruit, but it has different capabilities. He can eat peppers to get an amazing speed boost, thus being able to run up slopes or even on water. By eating a blimp fruit he expands and is able to fly up. If Yoshi eats a bulb berry he starts to glow, revealing hidden pathways.
All Yoshi's also have the ability to use the flutter jump. Once they jump, they use their feet to kick down rapidly, gaining altitude. If used when running they can hover in the air for a while, gaining distance. Unfortunatly this isn't always enough for Mario T_T.

Even though he isn't always treated so well, Yoshi is a honest character, always willing to help by eating your enemies. He can be a bit of a scared, avoiding haunted houses and such. He also shows lots of willpower, never giving up. He is also described as Courageous and Humble, fighting agains enemies much bigger then him and never asking something in return.

FUN FACTS! Yoshi...
... is based on a character called Tamagon, they both make the same noise when they hatch
... 's favorite food depends on it's colour. Green Yoshi's like melons for instance. White Yoshi likes 
    white pepper etc.
... appears in Zelda: Links Awakening as a collectible doll
... 's audio only containt the words Yoshi or Nintendo. 
... has no value for money. Yet he has his own gold course, tennis court and Kart course!