Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Question of the Week. Popularity X Quality

Ever since popular games existed, there existed sequels. A good example of that is the Final Fantasy series. They range from 1 till 14! now, not even counting the ones without number. Although technology became better with each new title, it didn't always mean that the games were good. Yet people still bought the games since it was Final Fantasy. It had to be good, and anyone who claimed otherwise was a noob.

This flame war still continues nowadays. Sometimes the popularity exeeds the quality of some other games, yet it still sells better. Personally, I just buy a game if I like it. I do some research, and then decide if I should buy it, favorite title or not. But how do you think about it? Are popular games good by default? Or should every game get his criticism regardless of title. Give me your opinion and comment or leave me a message in another way.


  1. Popular games are only good if they manage to catch the original game's spirit, that which made the series popular.. and that doesn't always work.

    I'm rather curious what games you find succesful and suck'ish... next blog? ;3

  2. Sometimes I ended up with buying a game with a really good name and ended up disappointed. Sometimes the game had major flaws in it and wasn't fun to play at all. Sure, I play games with a title, but I've learned from my mistakes and tend to do a little research these days before I buy them.
    These days games get criticism regardless of title, from magazines or from the internet. Still, you don't know if they are trustworthy. Well, I just do some basic background searching and read some reviews before I buy it.