Monday, December 5, 2011

The Dark Adonis... VYERS!.. or just Midboss


Name: Vyers, Dark Adonis, Midboss, King Krichevskoy
Game: Disgaea
First appeared: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Alignment: Evil/proud/chaotic
Powers: Awesome looks, speaking french, reincarnation
Age: Unknown, way too old

Last weeks character review gave me some nice comments on Twitter and Facebook. The first request for a character is non other than our favourite Midboss... Midboss! This character is ridiculed in practically every Disgaea game, but carries a huge secret. And he is quite strong too.

Vyers, or Midboss is first seen in Disgaea 1 in his own Castle, Vyers Castle. It is overrun by Laharl, the protagonist who needs more money to become the new overlord. Upon meeting Vyers, the Dark Adonis (self proclaimed), Laharl gets bored by his long French tainted speech and just names him Midboss. Offended, he attacks, but even after battle the name sticks. It even carries over to the other Disgaea games. For some odd reason people keep calling him Midboss, even if they don't know the background story.

Although he doesn't always show it, Midboss is quite strong. Kicks are his forte, and he gives them in style, posing before he attacks. Midboss is also quite faste, begin able to create multiple copies of himself with his speed. He uses this to launch several attacks such as Adonic Buster or Super Adonis.
Even though he packs quite a punch, he adjusts his level to that of the opponent, giving them a fair chance. If he starts to lose though, he usually leaves with an excuse such as severe stomach aches. Sounds like Hercule to me.

Midboss is a strange rival nonetheless. He always shows up right before an important part of the story, challenging the main character to test their resolve. If they start to win... he leaves again with an excuse. However, right before he leaves, he always seems to help you with something. Strange rival if you ask me.
He also shows up in the strangest of places, knowing where you are. Stalker -_-. Places, though impossible to reach for demons are his to explore. How he does it is still a mystery.

The biggest mystery he hid is revealed though. It is implied that Midboss is actually Laharls dad, reincarnated. The story that has been told in the netherworld is that the king died, choking on a pretzel. He actually died while protecting his netherworld from Uber overlord Baal. The archangel allowed him to reincarnate though. In his new form, as Vyers, he watches over Laharl. He also works together with the Archangel several times to make sure the story unfolds.

Fun Facts! Midboss...
... is thus, in fact. Laharl's reincarnated Father.
... Although a demon, is good at hearth. He was able to wear Flonne's necklace without feeling pain or       anything related
... Should be somewhat around lvl 4000, being able to seal Overlord BAAL. Yet a Laharl from lvl 4 can       beat him.
... Magichanges into a sword in Disgaea 3!

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