Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Question of the week. Science VS Fantasy

Last Monday I decided to listen to "The Geekshow" radio show. A brilliant show that talks about games, animation, books and interesting geeky facts. Each show has it's own subject. This weeks subject was Science versus Fantasy, and what would win. In the end Fantasy won the battle.
One thing that was noted in the show is that there is almost no game which balanced the 2 out. Magic and technology next to each other are seldomly seen. It's either or magic, or high technology.
Now, there are many beliefs in this world. Some people cling to technology, saying that it is the solution for everything. Some people have a strong believe in something that cannot be explained by science.
If you take the extremes of this, Fantasy, or High Science, what do you think is more likely to be seen in the near  future.
What do you believe in? What do you think will show itself first. Unimaginable Science such a teleportation? Or a higher state of mind which allows things Science cannot imagine?

If you have a game related question that I should talk about leave it in the comments or on twitter/facebook.
And for those who are interested in Thegeekshow, visit: It is an interesting blog with a radioshow each monday from 6 till 8 pm GMT. They put their show up for download after a while too so if you miss it you can still listen.

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