Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Question of the week. Around the world. WRPG vs. JRPG

Last week our friend Fhant gave me the question, where will JRPG and WRPG's end up? If the above post doesn't say enough to you yet, I will explain the difference between the 2 first.

If you, the reader, after all this time, still don't know what an RPG is you can roll a d20 and see if I hit you or not -_-.  Role Playing Games have become a big part of the gaming industry these days and all over the world there is an entire battle over this type of game. Which faction will win? Is it the WESTERN RPG? These are games such as dragon age or oblivion, usually darker type of games with a hero you make yourself. How he or she looks and how she acts is all up to you. Most of the setting's are slightly based on Dungeons and Dragons, except perhaps, for the futuristic games such as mass effect. Still the concept is the same. A lot too choose from and you can mix all kinds of things.

In the other corner, JAPANESE RPG! The most famous titles are things such as Final Fantasy or Pokemon. The japanese were actually first with the RPG genre and most games from this time are still based on the older games. Colourfull area's, strange magic creatures never seen before (not the typical dragons and troll's) and characters with STRANGE outfit's (or hair... typically japanese) that fit in a generic roll, the healer, the spellcaster etc.

Now that I explained this to you, the real question stays. 
Where do you think these game genre's end up?
Personally I think that over time the line between Western and Eastern games will go away. You see, even now, that some WRPG take over Japanese elements and vise versa. It will be either that or the next World War will be about the difference of these 2 games. Start hating haters!

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