Monday, January 23, 2012

Warrior of Chaos, Garland

Name: Garland
Game: Final Fantasy
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Power: Brute Strenght
Age: Unknown

From the World famous RPG I bring you, the first endboss of the series, Garland. A dark knight of sorts with brute strengt and a simple plan to take over the world. Although not the most strong of all endbosses he gains godlike power. A force to be reckoned with or something to put on your bread.

Like I said before, Garland is the main antagonist from the first Final Fantasy. Originally he is a knight from the land of Cornelia. He was a much respected knight till he kidnapped princess Sarah. His demands? Becoming the king in exchange for life of the princess. The warrior's of light rescued her thought and defeated our villain. Though presumed dead, it seems that he instead was sent to the past. Due to this timetravel he created a time loop around himself, thus making him immortal. With this power he turned himself in the god Chaos. The warrior's, again, battled him and prevailed, ending his life. This is not the last time he will be seen though.

Garland returns in the Dissindia series as one of the main antagonist. Although not in god form anymore Garland is surprisingly strong and gained some new abilities.
He can be seen as a berserker, having almost no magical abilities or ranged attacks, and thus, he only uses his "sword" in battle. Although his weapon looks like a greatsword, it is actually a shapeshifting weapon with bad cutting capabilities. Besides the standart greatsword form it can change into an axe, a spear, 2 shortswords or a flail. Garland is able to change his weapon in mere seconds, changing styles during battle to adept to the situation. This makes him a capable opponent. Garlands is, however, still slow as hell and thus easy to evade.

Garland's personality doesn't show itself much during Final Fantasy 1. The only this you get to know there is that he craves power more then anything is is quite fond of battles and war. Due to the time loop he got to see lots of battles and thus he understands his role in a war very well, and enjoys every bit of it.
It is also noted that Garland is quite arrogant and he thinks he superior in every way, although he gets defeated every time, even as a god.

Fun Facts! Garland...
... transformed in the god called Chaos in the end of FF. In Dissindia he works for another god called 
... 's weapon transforms in the forms of the 4 fiends from FF, each form represents 1 Fiend.
... has knowledge of fate of other people. When he battles Tidus or Jecht he knows what happened, 
    perhaps due to his time in the time loop
... voice actor is the same as louis Armstrong from Full-metal Alchemist.
... is also the name of an airship of the Resistance in Final Fantasy XII

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