Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lightning, Soldier and Guardian of Time

Name: Lightning, Claire Farron
Game: Final Fantasy XIII 1&2
First appeared: Final Fantasy XIII
Alignment: Chaotic good
Powers: Gun-blade proficiency, anti-gravity, magic and summoning.
Age: 21

Intro: Since this week I will post a lot about Final Fantasy, lets start out with character that's real important in this universe. Actually, it is a main character, something I rather not post about since there is usually already a alot of info on these characters. However, Lightning is quite new and thus I can tell a lot.

Background: Lightning is an orphan, having no parents, but only a sister called Serah. Not a lot is know about her childhood. The only thing know at this point of time is that she joined the army at a young age. Psicom wasn't her place though so she became part of the Bodhum's protection force under Amodar. She also takes care of her younger sister. Due to the combination of these things she becomes very strict and almost doesn't show any emotion. She is however very caring and opposes everyone who stands in her way of protecting people. When Serah turns out to be a L'Cie she gets very angry at first since she got to know this on her birthday. "Worst birthday EVER," she said. When Serah gets captured though she immediately follows to rescue her. Due to this even Lightning becomes a L'Cie as well. In Final Fantasy XIII-2 she also plays a main character. There she is the guardian of the goddess Etro and the protector of time.

Powers: Lightning starts out as a soldier, wielding a gun-blade. She is proficient with any kind of gun and blade though, showing to be easily wielding the weapons of Odin and other sorts of guns. Next to that, she also has a shoulder pad which she can use to defy gravity for a short period of time.
When Lightning becomes a L'Cie she is able to use a bit of healing magic and augment her sword strikes with magic such as Thunder, Blizzard and Fire. Her main focus lies around the Thunder magic though. Later on she learns to summon Odin. She can use him as an ally to attack together or she can mount Odin in his Gestalt form while she wields his 2 massive blades. This combination leads to the ultimate attack called Zantetsuken.
Her standalone ultimate is called Army of One. With this attack she unleashes a furry of blows at high speed, greatly boosting the chain gauge and doing mediocre damage.
When Lightning becomes the guardian of the Goddess she gained even more power. She gets to keep all of her previous abilities but augmented at great strength. She also seems to be able to fly, summon meteors and control the flow of time in some way. As a guardian Lightning also possesses a shield.

Personality: Like said before, Lightning is an orphan and due to the responsibility she needed to carry at an early age she is stubborn, strict and easily to anger. She has a narrowed view on things, thinking that her way around things are the most practical, even sacrificing other things because of it. She hardly bonds, and if someone disagrees or can't keep up, she leaves, thinking she can manage alone. Although she is sturdy, she gives up quickly, easily accepting defeat.
After certain event's she tries to understand people more and sacrifice more of her own effort to help others. She still has trouble bonding to people though.
Although she doesn't seem like the most lovable person in the game she truly has compassion, although hardly noticeable

Fun Facts: Lightning...
... I said this before, but Lightning was supposed to be a man until they changed this late into the
... 's real name is Claire, but she discarded this name and became Lightning to become an adult faster.
... 's brand of a L'Cie is never seen since it somewhere on her breasts.
... resembles the classic red mage, capable of attacking, white and black magic.
... 's Crystal looks like a rose, when she shatters it so summon Odin, rose petals are seen.
... officially became the strongest protagonist of the FF series, even before she became the guardian of
... has been know the the most proficient with her summon Odin.

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