Monday, April 2, 2012

Bloggiesta Wrap up

AAAAAAAANNND that was bloggiesta for me. This was the first time I participated and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Although I didn't only spend my day on blogging of course. I was able to do a lot of things but to point it out once more I'll take my list and explain it.

Sit in my comfy chair and relax. REAL important
Although I had some problems with some residental stuff here I was able to enjoy my weekend while participating in Bloggiesta.
Try to upgrade the layout. The header is nice but that's about it.
I wasn't able to update the header unfortunatly since I am not a photoshop expert but I might have a friend who can do it for me later. Other improvements are colours of the links etc. Overal the layout is simple and I heard people would like to keep it that way so that's about it.
Reorganize tags. My tagcloud is a mess.
Updated all tags and cleaned my tagcloud. Futhermore I now have a template on how to tag specific posts so tagging will be easier.
Learn how to schedule posts.
A no brainer, but I seriously didn't know how to do this 'till Uniflame pointed out the little button below called post options. Baka me
Search other gaming blogs where I can learn from.
I wasn't really succesfull here. Someone was supposed to post me some stuff but didn't get a reply anymore. Most game reviewers are professionals though which don't really mingle with me. I will try to get more people though.
Compete in challenges. Blogging is also a game ;)
And I did... I have no idea if I won anything but personally I don't care. Most of these things really helped me out so my blog is better now. Might not be a #1 but I am still  a winner of this game.
Make new pages so I can index my posts.
Another no brainer which I completely forgot before Bloggiesta. But I am glad I did. Besides my own post I also made a page for other contacts which might list future friend bloggers.
Learn about blogloving. 
It is not really something for me. Since I follow so few blog's so it isn't really worthwhile for me. On the other hand, if people want to follow me now they can trough the blogloving button on the right.
Making templates for posts to make my life even easier.
And saved them. This is really easy, from now on I only need to copy it and fill it in. Real easy.
Update the sidebars, and shave the sideburns.
I don't like big sidebars anyway but I changed the order so people can find the important stuff more easily. I also shaved the entire weekend but the sideburn come back anyways. An endless battle for a man.
Making banner for specific returning posts (optional)
A no for me. Like I said, I am not the photoshop expert and thus I didn't get to do this. But alas, that friend might still help me out.
Make my own favicon
This was an old challenge but I never thought about it before. Everything is better then the lame blogger one.
Get a like button under every post.
Don't like it? Don't click it. But I am glad I did so this gets easier for people to simply LIKE.

I also did some other things such as improving reviews with a verdict and giving people an indication on how long a game actually is. I stay away from the price of a game since it changes fast over time sometimes and it also varies per region. If you have any other idea's on how to improve a review though I would appreciate if you let me know.

On a final note. I will post a weekly question as always but since I am still kind of busy I will refrain from restricting myself with poster a review every week. Blogging is supposed to be fun and no slavework for myself. That being said. I really enjoyed Bloggiesta and I will prolly join the next one too. See you guys next time :D

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