Thursday, April 5, 2012

Question of the week. Content with Downloadable Content?

Just as I am busy with a review about Fabula Nova Crystallis I turn my head towards Final Fantasy XIII-2... and shudder. Not because it isn't a good game. No sir, I am quite content with the game. I saved up several coupons in a time of financial crisis for me to still be able to get it. And I am glad I did.
What I am not content with is the fact that I have finished it twice already, yet I never finished it. Why you ask?
You read that right. Final Fantasy XIII-2 would have an ending if they just didn't come with that bit of extra scene that makes to too much of a cliffhanger to be an ending. If you finish the game with EVERYTHING you even get a special scene which taunts you even more. The point is, I thought I paid (somewhat) for a full game. Yet I have to pay one the real ending comes out.

With the way the gaming industry is these days I can imagine that you cannot live without DLC anymore. People buy less in gaming stores and buy more on-line. Expansion packs don't sell well anymore so why not make it easily available on-line? Or if some designer made a real cool outfit for one of the characters I can imagine they charge people a small amount for that.
Those are all extra's though. And I get it that you have to pay a little extra to get a little extra. Unfortunately nowadays you see more games sell in stores for 100% of the price for 80% of a game, the rest being released a couple of month's later for another 10 euro's / dollars.
Like I said before, I am willing to pay for that sexy outfit or that new sidequest with nice goodies, but what are your opinions about this.
What is your opinion about DLC? And have you played non-complete games with DLC endings?

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  1. I can say that I am not willing to pay for that ending.... but we all know that we will pay anyway, because we want to know how it really ends. We know it and they know it, and that is the problem.It does make me angry and sad though. Square-enix.. I thought you were better than that.

    I do think it is very smart though that they offer expansions as DLC. Because it is easier for me if I have installed the Sims for example and i want the expansion I can just click and get it.