Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Questions of the Week. Console Addons

Last week we talked about downloadable content. Stuff that you can add to your game to make it bigger better or more hardcore (for a ridiculous price usually). That is, however, not the only thing game companies do to improve gameplay (or earn more money).

I am talking about addons. stuff that you can add to your console for several reasons. Now you might know that nothing beats the sega as seen above. I never had one, but I have seen it several times on what you can do to make this a mutant of a console, I was surprised it even worked with all this stuff, forget even the cables and power you need.

No, what I am talking about is the fact that I have played every Zelda game so far, except for Skyward Sword. Why? Because you need Wii motion plus.

Now I understand that companies want to try something different. You have the Wii balance board for several Wii fit games etc. Xbox has its kinect while Sony uses its playstation move. These all have their own games. But why do you have to buy an addon to play the newest continuation of a game? Image if the next Sonic game uses a hometrainer to see how fast you actually run? What if you need to copy the exact moves in Kinect to play Assassin's creed.

I understand that companies want to sell these things, but for me, they are an experience and they should be optional to play something that can just be played with the usual controller. But what do you think?
Should console addons be optional for every game?

Btw, if you really think you can play an Assassin with kinect, watch this.

P.s. I have written a post about Fabula Nova Crystallis to finish it for now till the new games came out... however, they vanished miraculously. I try to recover them asap

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