Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fabula Nova Crystallis

I wrote this post earlier, but when I tried to schedule it it disappeared miraculously. So I had to write the entire post again... sorry for the delay... anyways.

To wrap up the Final Fantasy posts for now since I think I write too much about that I am going to check out with a post on what Fabula Nova Crystallis actually is. The title that wraps up 4 Final Fantasy games (for now).

As the Title might suggest these games are build around Crystals, which is VERY original for Final Fantasy. Rougly translated it means, the new tale of the crystals. Although the games in this genre are not from the same world (such as Ivalice etc) it revolves around the fact that each world has its own crystals that fit into the same universe. This universe has the seen world ( the world of the living) and the unseen world ( the world of the deceased).  All of this was created by a single god, Bhunivelze. And his story goes a bit like this.

In the beginning there were 2 gods, Bhunivelze and Mwynn. Mwynn being the mother of Bhunivelze (ok... who was the father? Darth Vader?) Bhunivelze was scared of his mother who knew much more then him. Thus he decided to defeat her in battle so he could rule the universe alone. But when he did his mother went into the unseen world. Bhuni, being the scaredy cat that he is, knew that he would have to go to that world one day too.
In order to escape that fate he created 3 new gods, or fal'Cie, named Etro, Lindzei and Pulse. Pulse, was given the order to terraform the world to make a place where you eventually could simply find the gate to the unseen world where presumably his mother was waiting. Knowing that he had to wait till that time he ordered Linzei to protect him while he was asleep. Etro however closely resembled his mother Mwynn and he was afraid she might follow in his mothers footsteps so he gave her no power. After that he fell asleep till his time would come.

The 3 gods did their job but noticed that they couldn't do it alone and thus they did the same as Bhunivelze. Pulse created other weaker fal'Cie to help him govern his own planet named Pulse, after himself (real original). Linzei made his own continent which he named Cocoon which should be a paradise for all fal'Cie who properly did their job. Etro weeped, powerless, but unknowingly created human from her bloody tears. They inhabited Cocoon and Pulse and worked under the order of the fal'Cie. In order the help even more some humans were given power and a brand by the fal'Cie, making them a new subspecies called 'Lcie. Etro was still sad though, and unknowingly faded into the unseen world where she met Mwynn who was slowly absorbed by a power called Chaos. This power was created when Bhunivelze made the first 3 fal'Cie. Etro didn't understand the meaning of this power at first and thought to give these pieced of chaos to mankind, this would give them their hearts and take their immortality so they would eventually join Etro in the unseen world. Over time, humanity would start to worship these 3 gods. Pulse the creator, Lindzei the protector and Etro, goddes of death.

You can see where this fit's in in Final Fantasy XIII 1 and 2. We don't know how this goes together with Final Fantasy Type-0 and Versus however, since they are still being developed. This myth are never told in the games so far however so when you learn this a lot of information is becoming clear when you replay the games that are out now.

If you think this is TL;DR or you simply like pictures more there is also a small youtube video about this mythology. I am curious what this myth will do to the coming franchise. How about you?

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