Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prinny, Explosion slaves DOOD

Name:  Prinny, Slaves, Vassal
Game: Disgaea series, Makai Kingdom
First appeared: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Alignment: Differs per prinny, but normally it is chaotic neutral
Powers: Explosive power when thrown, bag of holding which stores knives bombs and other stuff
Age: None, they are reborn souls

Intro: A couple weeks ago I roughly finished Disgaea 4, meaning I finished the storyline and obtained most of the strongest items (Trapezohedron lvl 300 et all) and finished most bosses. What surprised me is that prinnies have a greater role in this game than the last few games (excluding the psp titles). After that I got reminded of how important these little fellows are and Uniflame urged me to review these fellah's

Background: So, what exactly is a prinny? Prinnies are disformed penguin's as you might see. Although they resemble a pinguin they are blue instead of black. They have no feet but walk on wooden legs instead, much like a pirate. They always carry a small hip bag where they store several weapons. Although the bag is small, it can fit large items so it seems their bags are hammerspace. Prinnies are also know for their trademark of saying DOOD (pronounced, dude) in every sentene. This is a rule apparently but it is never explained WHY they need to say that. You might also noticed that they have several stitches. That's because prinnies are actually souls, mostly of humans, who commited crimes. Thus they are sent to Hades to pay for their crimes. They are put into these prinny suits and have to work in heaven or hell to pay of their sins. Once done, they rise out of their suits to go to heaven.

Powers: Prinnies are a monster class, and unfortunately they are the weakest monsters in the game. However they have several abilities that might make them into a powerfull ally anyways. First of all, prinny suits contain human souls. This is very compressed so the energy is unstable. If you throw them... they explode. Everything that is in a radius of 2 squares gets damage equal to the HP of the prinny. If there is a prinny in that radius... he explodes too, regardless of his HP. This can lead to a huge chain reaction. Prinnies carry several weapons in the bag of holding. They usually attack with 2 small daggers for fast staggering attacks, even capable of creating wind slashes due to the speed. They usually also carry small to huge bombs for obvious reasons. Next to that they get to keep 1 personally item from their past life which is usually portraited as a weird formed skull. This item keeps energy stored from which a prinny can fire a laser around him. Several unique prinnies such as Kurtis have their own attacks due to them being superhuman in their past life. Tyrant overlord baal even becomes stronger once he turned into a prinny due to the fact that the energy is compressed into a smaller form.

Personality: Prinnies are vassals, or slaves. And thus do their masters bidding. If a demon has a prinny slaves it has to do evil stuff, or laundry. If an angel has a prinny slave it has to do good deeds... or more laundry. Prinnies seldom keep the personality of their past life, except if they were extreme such as kurtis or Baal. Or, if they run out of suits, something else is created which defeats the means of really becoming a prinny like Fuka from Disgaea 4. Although they are considered neutral, they are by all means chaotic and do everything to accomplish their goals, thus the chaotic part.

Fun Facts: Prinnies...
... explode... I said it several times. But it is just so fun to watch these little buggers blow
... are usually cowards, since they know their weaknesses well. They rather not fight.
... can become quite strong. They are the leaders of the infamous Land of Carnage.
... can reject their fate if strong enough and rebel. They will stay a prinny this way though.
... come in all sorts of colours. Kurtis is green, momma prinny is pink and prinny gods are yellow

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