Friday, May 11, 2012

Question of the week. A taste of Music

Ok, this might not be what it seems. I am not asking you to give your opinion on music games. Instead today I want to ask you about whatever you do when you are gaming.

You see, some games have a real nice soundtrack, some things that I even listen to when I am not playing the game. The website OCRemix even has a large scale of remixes of certain tracks.
Some games require you to actually listen to the game or involve musical gameplay such as Ouendan, DDR or Guitar Hero.
But what do you do when you are just casually gaming. Do you tend to listen to the tracks or perhaps repetitive battle themes? Do you just put on the radio or just put up your favorite soundtrack. For short:
What music do you listen to while playing a game?

Ok this might sound like a real short blogpost. But we are not done before I have my tale told of course.
For me, it really depends on the mood I am in. Sometimes I start to like repetitive music if I am grinding for levels in whatever godforsaken RPG I am playing. On the other hand, I remember I time where I was training in Tales of Symphonia while I was listening to a new track of the prodigy. I turned repeat on and before I knew it I was hardcore grinding for 4 hours straight. What music can't do to you.

Like I said, sometimes music really changes the way you play. And if I am just casually playing I usually end up to listening to something like this.

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