Sunday, May 6, 2012

Zero levels up? Birthday Book of Wishes

Today, in about 3 weeks, it will be my birthday. Hurray, or something. To be quite honest, I am not so anxious about my birthdays anymore than I used to be. Ok, it might be fun to turn 23 but who gives. Since my birthday is 1 week after Animecon most people can't come so I try to celebrate it there. Last year wasn't much of a succes so I am thinking of not celebrating it at all. I rather just have fun at a convention with my friends then try to be the center of attention although I would like to have cake, or pie, whichever one isn't a lie.

One thing I do like about days like these is the gifts. Although I still find it a bit strange you get presents on the yearly day that you were born on. Heck, why do you want to celebrate the day I came into life. I rather celebrate because we are friends for a long time. Or the fact that your relationship holds on for another year. On that note, me and Uniflame are together for 3 years on my birthday. Love you too sweetheart!.

Anyways, on to the gifts presents and stuff like that. How much of a gamer would I be if I didn't have a wishlist?

1. Zelda, Skyward sword.
Till now I played every Zelda game there is (except for CDI, it doesn't excist I tell you!). And I finished all of  em a 100%. Every piece of heart, every upgrade. And then came Skyward sword. And I would immidiately bought the game... if it weren't for the motion+. Seriously, now I need to buy another addon for the Wii. And since my sensorbar runs on batteries and thus is defect half of the time I am not looking forward to buying that motion+ addon. Too bad I guess
2. Pokemon Black/White.
Another Nintendo game, what a surprise. Although I have an M3real card and thus I could download it, it isn't the same. I even tried the rom but all the online content must be played with an official copy. And I don't blame em. So far as I played, the game seemed enjoyable and thus I would like to play it.
3. PS3 Headset.
Uniflame already gave me a part of her gift(s). White knight Chronicles for PS3. A great game that I will review in the future. However, lots of it is online content, which I don't mind. What I do mind is that I cannot hear my friends if I want to play with them, and I could type it out but with a PS3 controller it takes longer to shout "ambush" than  just try the whole mission all over again. Would also be nice for Portal 2, which I still have to platinum in multiplayer mode.
4. Sonic Generations.
A Sega game. Yup, and to be honest, Sonic 3 was the first game I really started playing. Before, I just did some random arcade games. But Sonic 3 was the first game I really liked and followed the story of. I didn't have it myself but I played the game at my neighbours place, who had the games.
Sonic Generations seems like one of the first games since Sonic adventure battle 2 that I would really enjoy. I am not much of a critic and thus I played Shadow the Hedgehog and other games which were meh... but playable, just for the story. Generations really seems to have GREAT gameplay although I think storywise it might be a bit weaker. Ow well, still a fan.
5. A PSP
Whoa, a bit luxurious aren't we Zero? Yup, I am. Fhant, a good friend of mine, allowed me to borrow his PSP for a a while with Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Dissindia. Although the Nintendo DS hass the touch screen for various nice gameplay idea's I just like some sony games such as those named above. Final Fantasy Type-0 is also for PSP. God of War? Also PSP. There are lots of titles that are for PSP that I would like to have, but first I got to get my hands on the console itself.

Now, you would be totally NUTS if you gave me anything from this list, since the price on these things are kinda high. Don't see that as an expectation list. Just things I want to have for the future. Heck, I might even buy it myself one day when I do have the cash. In the meantime, I already enjoy it that I can spend my days with you guys for another year. Lets hope I can continue doing this for a long time to come ;)

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